Friday, September 22, 2006

You women are gonna hate me...

Ok, here's a little story about Joe:

Joe, after quitting T-ball in 3/4th grade, didn't really get a lot of exercise.

About 7th grade, Joe starts finding out he needs Large shirts.

There was a basketball league in high school.

Some Karate in 10th grade for a couple of years.

Then, he joined a gym about the 2nd year of jr. college.

Finally, some definition appeared on his body. Things were looking good.

Joe finds out he needs XL shirts.

Then Joe met Carrie. Joe was in love, and (foolishly) thought she was too.

While Joe and Carrie went to the gym together, they didn't spend as much time there, because they were too busy hanging out with each other.

So Joe goes to University, and cancels his gym membership.

Being an engineer, he can't spend as much time at the free on-school gym as he'd like.

While Joe is swelling down in muscle size, he's noticing that there is some flab appearing on the body. Not a good thing.

Joe graduates college, and, after a year of unemployment, finally works for NAVSEA.

A year later, having paid off his car a year early, he decides to re-join the gym he was at in Jr. College (Yes, he was living at home again at this point).

Having been a flabby-body, it is hard to work it off, especially with all of mom's good cookin' available to him.

So, early this year, Joe moves out. He gets a place in Santa Barbara.

He's still buying XL shirts because, hey...he's still XL, right?

After living on Yogurt and Vegatables for about six months, and rigorous workouts, Joe accidently made a discovery today when trying on some old clothes:

Joe can fit in MEDIUM shirts now.

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