Sunday, September 10, 2006

Welcome to the US...

Here's the breakdown: using a series of laws that you and I will NEVER have to learn, the visiting Iranian ex-president has been sued by a group of Iranian Jews who allege that his policies were the cause of their relatives' dissapearence and torture.

The article goes on to say that they had the suit all ready to go, and had to wait until he was physically in the US to serve it. It also says it was personally served to him.

I would pay big money to see that on youtube/video google.

Folks, Abu Gharab was a frat prank.

If you want to see real torturers in action, watch American trial lawyers.

Give them an opportunity and a profit motive, and I'll bet Saddam would curl up into a fetal position and ask for death by piano wire.

Personally, I'm inclined to let them have their way with this waste of oxygen.

You think the Bush Administration is going to do anything?

I hope not.

Ok, I'm out.

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