Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shoe Bomber...

Hey...the shoe bomber was sentanced....a long time ago...

And the judge basically bitch-slapped him, his point of view, his religous justification for murder, and his questionable motives.

I nominate this for the new speech that should recieve "Gettysburg Address" noteriety.

Any takers?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Interesting point...

on forums:

"How do they determine who is a civilian and who is hezbullah?

I mean 300 of the 450 Lebanese civilians killed could be Hezbullah...they all wear civilian clothes and operate out of apartment buildings, schools, hospitals etc.

All they need to do is remove the AK47 from dead bodies hands and all of a sudden they are a 'civilian'..."

Interesting arming your 12 and 14-year olds, sending them out to fight, then lamenting Israel for "killing innocent children" when they are forced to defend themselves.

And now I repeat my mantra: "There are precious few problems in this world that greater firepower cannot solve".

Interesting language...


I always thought that term was suspect...Does that mean that Israel has the right to send suicide bombers into Palestinian? Should they have simply sat back and launched rockets back into Lebanon? This would have been akin to England not invading Germany, but instead firing rockets back into Germany.

War is not a proportionate affair. You overtake and destroy your enemy. That's how wars are won. If a small guy does not have the firepower necessary to destroy an enemy's army, he should either ally with a larger army, or sue for peace. This idea of "fairness" does not equate to the battlefield, nor will it ever.

I also love how the talk is now focuses on civilian casualties. What they fail to focus on is Hezbollah using civilians as shields

Israel has warned all those not affiliated with Hezbollah to evacuate. Those staying behind know the risks. As I outlined earlier, the UN tower that was attacked was being used as a Hezbollah firing position.

This is necessary to demonize Israel for "killing innocents". It's evil at its worst, and needs to be rooted out.