Monday, March 16, 2009

Pre-marrieds is preventing communication in our relationship?

So, Tabitha and I have been in pre-married class at Church On The Way.  It's a good course, intended to shake out the details that most married couples hit as roadblocks only after many years in. 

However, as part of the class, there are homework assignments, CDs, and classes.  The homework assignments, when taken seriously, take a long time to complete, as it gives each person a chance to talk about themselves, their backgrounds, their viewpoints, etc. 

The CDs are a 10-part series put together by Jack Hayford, talking about Marriage in a Christian context, and have been very illuminating.

The problem is that the only time we have to listen to the CDs is on our way back and forth from LA every weekend.

So, for the past 12 weeks, our drive times have been quiet, listening to taped sermons. 

It was kind of weird being in a small enclosed space with someone you wanted to talk with and not able to talk with them. 

It started causing problems when we would schedule something else that would infringe on our small "together" time.  I found myself upset, as it seemed that any of the "alone" time we had was taken up with either quietly listening to the CDs in a car, or doing homework.  There was never any time spent to just talk with Tab and enjoy her company.  Between the CDs, homework, classes, gym, work, going back home, planning a wedding, it seems like there was never any time to "just be".

We finally finished the CDs this past weekend, and can now talk on our drives.'s like I get to spend time with Tab again after not seeing her for so long. 

And yup, I still love her. 

144 days, six hours, 44 minutes and 15 seconds...14...13...12...11...

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