Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hey...it doesn't hurt anyone...

Often, when faced with the facts as to how little humans truly affect climate change, they fall back to one of their old stand-bys: "it can't hurt to help!"

Yes, yes, it does.

In case you are lazy, the push for corn and soy-based ethanol is driving the prices up, keeping people in third world countries from one of their primary food sources.

What truly grinds my gears is the fact that this goes un-noticed. Even Christians are getting on the bandwagon by renaming it Creation Care.

Watch this BBC program. De-program yourself.

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Marieke said...

Well, it depends on what kind of "help" you're talking about, too.

I've been browsing blogs, sites, etc that are aimed at what we can do to change things. Many of them focus on lowering "carbon footprints", and impacting the environment less.

For the record, I'm not sold on the whole global warming thing myself (I will have to watch that BBC video later and see what it has to say), but I do still think there's a lot of value in caring about the environment in a variety of ways.

Pretty much everything we change about how we do things affects *someone* along the line. For me, deciding which changes I want to make has been a process of weighing the options, so to speak. Balancing between personal health, economic impacts (both in my wallet and the paychecks of those on the opposite end of the transaction), environmental impacts, social justice and ultimately what I feel is the best way I can steward what God has given me.

So, not everyone is oblivious to the socio-economic impacts of their actions. But unfortunately since being green is the "trendy" thing right now (as Kristin put it when we were talking a couple days ago), people are going to drawn to it without really thinking through all the consequences and realities.