Monday, April 09, 2007

Pastor Billy is gonna hate me...

My pastor has a problem with the new owner of the Santa Barbara News-Press, as you can see here and here.

Sooo, I was swing dancing on Friday night. It was a pretty good night. Awesome band, good dancers, my co-worker was there, I ran into an old friend, Jofflyn from my swing dancing days back in LA. A good night!

I was tearing it up with a girl named Tasha, when we get flagged off the dance floor by someone I've never seen before and a guy holding a fairly large case.

Thinking I had done something wrong again, I was relieved when she told me that she is a reporter doing a news story on Social Dance in Santa Barbara.

She asked me if she could interview us, and take pictures.

Tasha and I agreed fairly quickly, and we proceeded to swing dance while the cameraman took pictures of us. (It's HARD to do that, btw. I'd set him up for a good shot, then have to do a turn-out to get out of it, resulting in a very unflattering shot of my back and ass, and you couldn't see Tasha at all!)

So, the reporter then asked us a few questions. Afterwards, I asked what paper she was from, and she said, "Santa Barbara News-Press".

Sooooo, Seeing as I know that Pastor Billy isn't too fond of them, AND that he reads my blog, here you go! I am contributing to the downfall of journalistic respect in your eyes by giving the News-Press useful content to help further their circulation. Now the Daily Sound will have to struggle to catch up!

I'm off to spread more hate and discontent...

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billy said...

Hey Joe, Its not the owner I have a problem with, its the lack of journalistic integrity and the deeply personal attacks the paper is making on many of my friends.

Then again, its great to see the paper doing more local news again. I'll probably go out and actually buy the issue you'll be featured in. As much distaste as I have for the pratices of the Newspress, I don't think I'll be able to pass up a hot photo of you shakin yer hinderparts...